10 Advantages of Sharing the Communion Message

10 Advantages of Sharing the Communion Message

Having the privilege of speaking in the church is a great blessing.  Being chosen to share communion also has its blessings.  While working on my communion message, it occurred to me that there were a number of things that I get out of my time preparing the communion.  When I stopped to jot those things down, out came a whole bunch of thoughts and ideas, here they are.

Why you want to do the communion message:

  1. It makes you dig into the Bible.  (always a good thing right?)
  2. It makes you think about your past relationships.  Many of these friendships help other people embrace God's message of Christ.
  3. It changes what you read.  I find myself reading articles, books, posts and commentaries that I would never have thought to just sit down and read.
  4. It helps you focus on "everyone's" communion time with God, not just your own.
  5. You start to think about how God can use you, what message he can speak through you.
  6. You get to hone your speaking skills.  You can be nervous about speaking in public and no one in the church really cares.  It is the ultimate audience.
  7. You learn to get input and constructive criticism.  This makes you better!
  8. Preparing communion is challenging, and when you are done its very satisfying to have done something that was challenging.
  9. You get to share about things that have impacted your life.
  10. You get to pray out loud.  It seems my most amazing prayers are not inwardly, but when I speak out to God.

I hope this list has encouraged you and helped you in some way.  And if you are sharing communion with the church this week or sometime in the near future, thank you!