Proverbs Study Series Lesson 2: Wise Feet

Review of points from Proverbs Study Series Lesson 1
We are still laying a foundation of wisdom.  In order to do that, we will explore three concepts:
  1.  Wise Feet 
  2.  Wise Heart 
  3.  Wise Tongue
Who Do we consider successful?  Why?  Who is more successful?
  • Athletes
  • Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos
  • Actors & Actresses
  • Leaders

Does it take special talent or brain power to succeed?  Why?

Reference Material Used - Get Wise | Wise Feet - Part 1 & 2

What are well worn paths?

  • Pursuit of money?
  • Better job BBD
  • What we do when we are alone
  • Who we hang out with

What are spiritual well worn paths?

  • getting up early to work on my relationship with God
  • being on time
  • deciding to give to the church instead of take
  • creating resources

What happens when you try to establish a new well worn path?

  • You get a battle
  • Israelite's in the desert

What can be a fork in the road?  Are forks good or bad?

It is said that humans are 93% predictable because of patterns.  What happens when we do not plan our finances?  What happens if we don't make spiritual friends?  What happens if we do not read our Bibles daily/weekly?  Why?

How about this, if we are so predictable, why is discipline and diligence not defining concepts in our lives?

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