Finding Faith Amidst the Pandemic: Unveiling the South Lake Church of Christ's Resilience through Worship

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." - Deuteronomy 31:6

In 2020, The United States and the world was changed drastically by an unknown pandemic. Our older generations, the baby boomers, had seen unprecedented changes in their lifetime, but now this type of situation will be marked in the history books of all nations, because it affected us globally. One of the hardest hit groups, while it may not be recognized, were the evangelicals and Christian denominations.

While many of these congregations have been planning for the end times to be played out by some kind of human force, coming to take us away in chains, throw us in prison, and torture us until we renounce the Lord Jesus, we were caught completely off guard to an unseen, force of nature. Sure, in some of the political circles, there had been suspicions of mankind manipulating viruses and talk of human depopulation conspiracies, but even if mankind had their hands in the mix of this, it is abundantly clear this pandemic was undoubtedly brought upon by the Evil one. His only purpose was to divide and conquer. How did we become so comfortable to believe that such a thing would not occur in our lifetime?

We were caught off guard, and unprepared and we seem to still be picking up the pieces this pandemic planted on us. But despite this gloomy introduction, there is a blessed assurance hidden behind the scenes in this narration.

You see, even though we had to isolate, wear masks, and even curfew and restrict ourselves for a short time, God was working overtime to let His will continue to be known. While this testimony is not the only victory in Jesus our congregation had, as I am sure there are many stories more worthy of the one I am blessing your eyes from reading, God was still working to lift up and edify the church and encourage those brothers and sisters who just missed the warm hugs and embraces from church and family members.

One such moment was the South Lake Church of Christ Worship Team. Behind the scenes and with delicate care, they worked hard to provide worship to the congregation. A little bit of the details I will share.

First, there were hours spent behind recording devices, in solitude, to get the correct beat, sound, and mix it down on tracks on a small iPad device. Then, each individual had to record a single track of their voices, any mistake having to painstakingly start over from the beginning. Once all the vocals came together, the final draft was mixed and rendered into a musical masterpiece.

God cannot be defeated, His will never falters, and he will never let His people take more than they can handle. Through the power of Christ in faith, I present to you this sweat and tears created masterpiece from the South Lake Church of Christ. Ok so maybe not a masterpiece as you will hear some of the audio deficiencies, but for a pandemic planned worship song, with limited tools, I give it an A for effort.

Contributor: Troy Jacobs, Worship Leader

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J. Brian Craig
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