Social, Cultural, Unity, and Diversity Team (SCUAD) 

The racial pain in our country is not a problem that is easily fixed, it is a wound to be tended to. 


The SCUAD seeks to begin the conversation in answering the questions that have faced our Churches as well as our Nation. One of our former Attorney Generals has noted “When it comes to discussions on race our people are cowards.”*  We seek to break that trend. One of the key questions we will address is; “How do we express the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters who are ignorant and insensitive to the racial discrimination that people of African descent have suffered.” We have to admit that it’s a challenge. The answer lies in the example of Jesus and our Guiding Scripture; with humility, prayer, patience, perseverance and of course love.


Disciples Today  

Disciple's Today has a collection of great resources by many great men and women who are champions for Social, Cultural, Unity, and Diversity.    To learn more click here:   Race & Culture

All Things to All People

Welcome to the All Things to All People podcast with Michael Burns, biblical teacher in the Two Cities Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We want to help you become a more effective part of God's mission to gather and make disciples of all nations. That is not an easy mission and it demands that we will need to learn to become "all things to all people," as Paul puts it in 1 Corinthians 9:22. We will examine topics of culture, race, politics, and much more as we seek to put our discipleship into action in a complex world.  To learn more click here:  All Things -2- All People

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